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How to design… anything

User interfaces are an important part of any product because that’s the part a customer experiences. []

Briefs, in brief

No design project should start without a well formed brief, from the simplest icon to the most advanced space shuttle. We need them to define the scope and make a plan. []

Get griddy with Brogue seeds

I took some time over the Easter weekend to put together a little fan site for Brogue, my favourite Roguelike game. []

Your intranet sucks. I can help.

Intranets are no longer a place for static information. They exist to help customers do their job—a hub of productivity as well as knowledge. []

Penned in at the C4Di

I had a great time taking part the the very first CodePen at the C4Di in Hull, arranged by Mark Bucknell. []

New kid on the block(chain)

I’m excited about the blockchain, both as a technology and philosophy. The blockchain is a distributed system for exchanging value, which removes the need for central institutions. []

Simple steps to branding bliss

Branding is used by organisations to distinguish between products or services. Every organisation should have a current set of brand guidelines that details style and tone across each platform. []

Ecstatic for static

I've taken the time to move this site from an old ExpressionEngine (ee) CMS install to Jekyll, my favourite static site generator. The challenge was to replicate my CMS site without too much fudging. It turned out to be really straightforward. []

Don’t stop, Hammer time

I'm happy to be using Hammer again. Hammer is a little front end web tool that's very suited to prototyping. It’s essentially a static site generator that supports html includes, variables, Sass, Markdown, and other handy stuff. []

A layman’s approach to SEO

I occasionally get a request to do some SEO work. I'm far from being an SEO expert, though most of the things I make do pretty well on our favourite search engine. I usually offer the following tips. []

2016 tech goals

It’s a brand new year in a few hours time, so it's time to set a few simple goals for 2016. []

Inspiration from print design

I've been inspired by some brilliant print work recently. There's a ton of great design, much of it independently published. []

Transformations at DotYork

I enjoyed attending the DotYork conference at the City Screen in York, on May 1st. The focus was on the personal experiences of the speakers as they followed their chosen paths, rather than anything technical. []

Sublime Text and the Sumi Brush

Does drawing help design? I love to draw, and love to write good markup for well conceived designs, and I wonder if there's an overlap. []

From Costa coffee to the C4Di

Great to attend the 5th anniversary of Hull Digital at the C4Di last night. I was one of the small group at the very first Hull Digital meet up, half a decade ago. []

Experiences with Sketch and PixelMator

I completed a trial with Sketch from Bohemian Coding today, which I've added to my toolbox for handy graphic apps. It's the Fireworks I'd never loved. []