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Penned in at the C4Di

I had a great time taking part the the very first CodePen at the C4Di in Hull, arranged by Mark Bucknell.

See the Pen Hull2017 Event Map by Reg (@regmtait) on CodePen.

The theme was inspired by our 2017 City of Culture: to design and develop something Hull or 2017 related and present it in a quick show and tell style format.

I took the brief literally and created a simple Google map that plotted a list of the day’s cultural events on a map.

I learned a lot from the discussion afterwards which included the suggestion of pulling in real data through via an API. I also got a nice CodePen t-shirt and some cool GitHub stickers.

The other presenters were excellent, all proper devs showing their skills. The group is friendly and supportive—looking forward to the next one.

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