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New kid on the block(chain)

I’m excited about the blockchain, both as a technology and philosophy. The blockchain is a distributed system for exchanging value, which removes the need for central institutions.

The web is in poor health. Bloated pages and scandalous amounts of tracking means that a shake up is in order. As a web designer, I’m interested in how the blockchain will impact web publishing.

Today, any log in to a website needs a self-hosted system or social media sign-in. The first can be incredibly insecure, while social media companies don’t have our privacy at heart—to say the least. And something as simple as logging into shared wi-fi can be a horror story.

Enter the blockchain. This could eliminate any need for entering traditional user name and password information, and the entities that enforce them. We can own our identities—not Google or Facebook. This points to a faster, safer, and more secure web for all.

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