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Get griddy with Brogue seeds

I took some time over the Easter weekend to put together a little fan site for Brogue, my favourite Roguelike game.

Get your Brogue seeds here
Get your Brogue seeds here

Roguelikes are turn-based computer game with a focus on intricate gameplay and re-playability, often with a world representation using ASCII-based display. The original Rogue was published in 1980 and established the genre. Brogue is a recent roguelike by Brian Walker, with a beautiful appearance and intuitive controls.

I built a little site to list some ‘dungeon seeds’, the strings of numbers that procedurally generate the levels.

The site was a great chance to work with CSS Grid, the excellent new layout module. I followed the wonderful CSS Grid videos from Wes Bos to get started.

I had a play with some gratuitous CSS effects too. There’s no Javascript anywhere—that includes that lightbox effects. Get your dungeon seeds here 👍.

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