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PostCSS – a purer path to processors

I really enjoyed this talk on PostCSS by Donny Burnside at the C4DI Developer Meetup last Thursday.

Now, as a web designer, I love Sass. Variables, includes and nesting make my life writing CSS faster, easier and more intuitive. I rely on these features every day.

At the same time, Sass is a fixed language that it comes bundled with a ton of features and a steep learning curve. PostCSS offers an alternative solution.

The key difference is that PostCSS doesn’t come with any features by default. We just add the modules that we need, and drop them when they’re no longer needed. This helps honour the idea that CSS is constantly shifting. Older hacks just fade away, new CSS modules finally become standardised. In his thoughtful talk, Donny emphasised the long term benefits.

I won’t think I’ll be making any switch quite yet – Current Sass is very much part of my workflow along with tools that use it (Jekyll, Hammer…), but this is bang centre on my radar.

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