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Experiences with Sketch and PixelMator

I completed a trial with Sketch from Bohemian Coding today, which I've added to my toolbox for handy graphic apps. It's the Fireworks I'd never loved.

Sketch has brilliant grid feature, including a vertical rhythm, which can be adjusted on the fly. I’ve loved using Pixelmator, it’s a super lightweight Photoshop alternative.

I’m trialling Espresso too. It’s great. I like every text editor including Textmate, Coda, and Sublime, and even tiny Nano via the terminal.

Fixating on the apps for a while seems useful, but after a while the differences and commonalities seem arbitrary. The best thing about trying a new text or graphics editor is that it gets me to examine my own workflow. All these apps are just tools to get some good work live on the web.

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