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Hand crafted™ web design

Hello there. I’m a freelance web designer based in Hull. I’m firstly a web designer, and also offer branding work and illustration.

It’s a complicated world. I favour simple design and lean development that focuses on communicating messages clearly and intelligently. I specialise in taking the time to craft exactly what my clients and their customers need—with no unnecessary bloat.

My training is in industrial (product) design, which prepared me for designing with restraints and the end user in mind. I worked as a web designer for a local agency for many years before heading out on my own in 2013.

How I design

I aim to be flexible in my approach and strive to design and build according to the needs of my clients and the project.

For the web, I’m keen to work closely with my clients at every stage of the design process, getting the concepts right before fine-tuning the design. I like to move from ‘flat’ visuals to a working prototype as early as possible, to understand how users interact with a design.

Who I work with

I love to work with small companies, organisations, and individuals to provide bespoke websites. I can bring a project from initial concept, design and build.

I also work with larger organisations and technical teams to provide design input, and assist other creative agencies with design or technical help.

Tech stuff

I work with the best practice in HTML5 and CSS. ExpressionEngine is my first choice for Content Management, and I know my way around WordPress and a few others. I’m a fan of Jekyll for static sites, Sass for CSS, Costa coffee and text editors. I love both computer and pencil aided design.