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A Commodore 64 theme for Jekyll

Just made this daft thing – a C64 theme for Jekyll, the static site generator from GitHub.

New technology meets old
New technology meets old

You can see it in action right here. I did this as a project to learn how to host on GitHub pages (it’s free!), and generally re-familiarize myself with working with Git and GitHub. It was fun to explore an idea quickly without messing about with databases or clunky tech.

I used Jekyll, my favourite static site generator (SSG). There’s [hundreds of others], in lots of languages. The benefits include simplicity, speed and security. With no database, the site is completely portable and easy to host. With Jekyll (and many others) the content can be written and stored in Markdown. As a timeless plain text format, the content is future proof (and backwards compatible to any machine that can edit text - even a C64). Markdown is also my favourite writing format for anything longer than a tweet. Static sites aren’t for every project, but are a fresh alternative to traditional CMS based websites.

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