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A glimpse of ExpressionEngine 3

I'm excited by a recent screenshot from James Mathias of ExpressionEngine 3. We can’t judge by a screengrab, but from first impressions it’s beautiful, with a crisp, light and simple interface.

A cheeky glimpse of ExpressionEngine 3
A cheeky glimpse of ExpressionEngine 3

I’m a recent enthusiast of static site generators, with their wide range of benefits, and like the idea of a ‘post-CMS’ landscape. But I reckon there will always be space for a high quality, flexible content management system, to help our clients edit their content quickly and easily. ExpressionEngine makes it possible to design the ‘back-end’ of a site with as much care as the public facing side.

The web landscape has changed a lot since the last 10+ years. Other fine CMSs are available—such as Perch and Craft—and there and many, many more options for publishing online than a PHP-plus-database combo. ExpressionEngine deserves have a long life ahead of it though, especially with such a great developer community.

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