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Hull Art Circle

Tiny, responsive website for long-running art group in Hull

I’m proud to be a member of Hull Art Circle, so delighted to make a website for the group. The site provides a description of the club with instructions that help new members get in touch. There’s a list of exhibitions and a programme to show everything’s up to date.

Trish Boulton did the photography. She captured the bright and airy studio during the monthly life drawing session, taking advantage of the natural daylight.

The site is build statically with Jekyll. This approach allowed us to focus on the design and content, and to turn this around quickly.

I optimised the website for speedy performance. I used the new srcset attribute for image sets, and included a single font file. Compressed styles are rendered the page.

The whole website weights in at 995 KB. So it will fit on a floppy disk, with plenty of room to spare.