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Cloud2 website

Web design for leading digital transformation company

Cloud2 make award-winning products and services for enterprise and NHS customers. I helped bring their web presence up to date with a visually engaging design and custom content management system.

The goal of the website was to convey Cloud2’s commitment to helping their customers with ‘Digital Transformation’ without getting too technical.

As well as this Cloud2 needed an Events section to promote their popular seminars, and a Case Studies area.

How we did it

I provided the design and both the front-end and CMS development. The team at Cloud2 handled the marketing direction and website copy, plus third party integration and hosting. We pulled together to get it finished in time for a fixed launch date.

Initial visuals were mocked up with Sketch. I prototyped the site with Jekyll, my favourite static site generator, and used GitHub for version control.

With the design complete—and much of the copy ready—we switched to the CMS. I suggested ExpressionEngine due to its flexibility and security—the best in it’s class.

Jekyll uses the Liquid templating language, which is similar to ExpressionEngine’s templating system, so it was simple to jump to EE at a relatively late stage in the project.

This was my first build with the new ExpressionEngine 3. I’m more of a JAMStack fan these days but enjoyed working with ExpressionEngine after some time away.